Career Profile

I'm a Node enthusiast and software developer with more than 10 years of experience. In those years I've been working in some different technologies like Javascript(both client and server), Ruby on Rails, J2EE, J2ME, MySQL, Redis, Flex... I love creating new things, learn new technologies and computer languages. I also have some experience with mobile technologies I worked in a small Robotics company where I developed software for J2ME and VB.Net devices to control a robot movements and video stream. Also in mobile technologies, I have experience with web development for mobile devices (S60, iPhone and Blackberry) I worked on BBVA Tú cuentas application, and at Strands fitness project where I developed and maintain the private REST API to give service to our mobile clients(iPhone and Android) and our desktop clients (Mac and Windows trackers).

Lately I become the frontend lead at ReviewPro working mainly with Javascript, creating from the scratch the second version of the application, and also I have responsabilities with user experience trying to do a fast and usable website. And after the release of this new version of the product we won PhoCusWright Award.

Finally I moved to Inditex, and I’ve worked on as front end developer, mantaining and adding new features to this large website for desktop and movile devices, and also setting up the automatic testing environment, for the frontend, and the last years I’ve worked with Node.js creating the mobile site of, moving the desktop version and creating other applications to resolve some internal probelms. Now I'm product owner at doing some technical analysis


Frontend Tech lead - Customer

2017 - Present, La Coruña

As a Teach Lead, I'm the owner of the Customer section in website. My main tasks are helping the team unlocking dependencies with other teams, mentoring..

Also I do code reviews, lead integration decisions with other teams, priorize tech tasks, scafolding of new functionalities, fix urgent production bugs,...

Tech Product Owner / Full Stack developer

2015 - 2017, La Coruña

As a product owner I do technical analysis of different features, create task and manage resources to acomplish the requierements of business

Also I review code and go on coding, but not 100% of the time, now I spend some time in management tasks. This position is complementary to the next one now I do both roles.

Senior Software Developer

2012 - 2015, La Coruña

At Inditex I've worked mainly in four different projects related with website, a site with more than a million visits a day.

The first one is work as a front-end developer on desktop version for more than 2 years. In this project I implemented new features and maintain the old ones, and also implement automatic tests for the front end code, the main technologies used in this project are Mootools, SASS, Jasmine, Sinon, JSTL, HTML5, SASS and CSS3.

The second one is create a new mobile website for, in this project I've worked as a backend developer working for the first time with node.js in a professional way. On the mobile site we process all the data that we get from a REST API and prepare the needed data to the fronted layer, and also a great test suite with a coverage around 90%. In this project I use the next main technologies, node.js, express, redis, grunt, mocha and istambul.

The third project I’ve worked on is a project to manage our redis cache, in this project I work creating a graph for stats of our redis servers and also a search of entries in redis to be able to invalidate different keys. In this project I work mainly with node.js, express, redis, angularjs, bootstrap, grunt, highcharts...

Last but not least we’ve started the new frontend for desktop version, in the same way as we created the mobile version, using new technologies as node.js, express, redis, grunt, jQuery, requirejs, jasmine, sinonjs, karma, SASS.

Lead Frontend Developer

2011 - 2012
Review Pro, Barcelona
Web development Javascript(jQuery), JSON, HTML,LESS CSS for Reviewpro application.

Reviewpro is an online reputation management for hotel sector, I’ve worked on that project more than a year. This project was redone from the scratch and I think the arquitecture of the client side and code the most part of it. In this project I'm the frontend responsible, so i have to manage all html, css , javascript and also some controllers using Spring MVC. We made an ajax application where the most part of the presentation layer is on the client, using jQuery templates, to make the site load quickly and make the user has a better experience, getting the most part of the data shown as json and generating dinamically all kind of filters and asyncronous calls to improve the usability of the product, and caching the results in the browser to avoid duplicated calls. And finally I created a custom framework to automatize some functionalities like table sorting, tabs management, forms validation in client and some other simple functionalities, to speed up my productivity and make easier maintain our code.

Software Developer

2010 - 2012
Strands Zaragoza,Spain
Web development Ruby on Rails, javascript(jQuery), JSON, XML,TDD,HTML for is a social network for people that practice sports, I've been working on that project for more than 2 years. In this project I'm working as SWAT, I mean I fix all kind of bugs that are reported, and also I develop new functionalities creating the backend, frontend and automatic tests (Unit and Functional). This project is created with Ruby on Rails and also with a big load of javascript, in this part we use jQuery 1.3, google maps api, topocoding... In that project I also develop and mantain a private PIA for our external clients(iPhone, Android...). use agile development methods (Scrum) and a fast development cycle and we can view our new features in production servers in almost a week.

Web development J2EE, javascript, freemarker, Flex 3.0,HTML, RIA for BBVA Tú cuentas (Desktop and Mobile version)

In BBVA Tú Cuentas I worked in two different projects, the first one was in mobile web development of this application (Iphone, Blackberry and S60), in that case I worked with J2EE in frontend using Struts, freemarker and Mootools as javascript main library, I had to made some changes to the library to made it work with mobile browsers and also a graphs represent to create some charts in our clients. At the same time I worked in MoneyStrands mobile version that it's a similar to BBVA Tú Cuentas, and finally the desktop version won a webby award.

In the second part I work in desktop version of BBVA Tú Cuentas developing some RIA, in that case we use Adobe Flex 3.0 to create some new widgets to the application, and alse we develop other widgets using dynamic HTML creation with javascript(dinamic templates) with Extjs and jQuery.

Software Developer

2007 - 2008
Comex, Zaragoza

Development of some applications for local government using J2EE (MVC with facade) and javascript. Also I worked with struts framework. In that projects I used JBuilder, SVN, OC4J and Tomcat servers.

Junior Software Developer

2006 - 2007
Fantasia y robotica, Zaragoza

In that company I develop applications for mobile devices (J2ME and, mainly I created an application to make the remote control of a robot, with that application you were able to move the robot and see what the camera take (JPG movie).


Organizestaging - Sass to help homestagers to manage their inventory (iOs, Android and Web)
Fildo - A website to find and listen music.

Skills & Proficiency

Javascript / Node.js


ES6 & React

React Native

Redis & Mongo

Ruby on Rails